Sacred Chow Vegan Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant and Caterer in New York

Vegan Organic Restaurant New York
Dining at the Sacred Chow. #1 Zagat reviewed Vegan Restaurant in New York

Located in Greenwich Village, New York, just a block from Washington Square park and in the shadow of NYU’s campus, Sacred Chow is a vegan, kosher restaurant and caterer that has been in business since 1995.  It serves 100% plant based foods that are delicious, from unique recipes for meals that are healthy for the person and the planet.  No animals are harmed.

The owner and Chef is Cliff Preefer a former Legal Aid Lawyer who decided to turn his desire to help people and better the world to food from the law.  He started Sacred Chow as a vegan, kosher take-out business.  Today it is a bistro / cafe size restaurant on Sullivan Street.

The dishes are handcrafted from original recipes that have been created and fine tuned to please in texture, taste and appearance.  In a  Zagat survey Sacred Chow was voted #1 vegan restaurant in New York City.


Zagat Rated Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Kosher Restaurant in New York —-100% Plant based food.