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50 Sources of Vegan Proteins

Plant based Vegan Proteins

So many times vegans are asked where they get the proteins their body needs for health and muscle growth.   There are many plants that are proteins.  Sources for vegan proteins including all the different legumes, nuts and others.

Vegan proteins are in the diet of a growing number of athletes and performers who are very health conscious.  While they may not be vegans, plants are at the source of proteins in a vegetarian diet.

This is a graphic showing 50 sources of plant based proteins, vegan proteins.   Credit:






Plant Proteins

Plant proteins are the healthiest proteins?

We are not nutritionists, but think that eating 100% plant proteins is the healthiest way to get the proteins needed in an ideal diet.  

We want to have a nutritionist’s explanation of this.

If you are a nutritionist and we post your explanation of Plant Proteins and Health on this website, we offer dinner for two at Sacred Chow and links to you on the internet.  Win-win.  

Please use the contact form to ask questions and make a submission.PlantProteins

Sacred  Chow vegan, kosher, restaurant in Greenwich Village,  New York, has only 100% plant based foods.  This includes delicious protein food items that can be added to many dishes for healthy, well rounded meals.   They are what we use in our panini and tapa meals.

Proteins are the building blocks of life.

Some of the favorite plant protein items on our menu are:

Meatballs – Pan seared French lentil meatballs in spicy Sicilian sauce.

Hamburgers- made with zucchini and beans

Seitan   – Roasted until soft and chewy with a different flavors such as ginger  molasses, rosemary garlic,

Tempeh – prepared in different flavorful sauces.