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Eating with awareness

Though Sacred Chow is a cute name for a vegan restaurant, playing on the Hindu prohibition against eating cows, we take to heart the actual translation of the  words and their meaning as a phrase.

Sacred Chow Vegan Kosher restaurant  in New York
Sacred Chow – delicious vegan since 1995.

Sacred, translates to blessed, which can be something that is touched by a God.  It can also be something that a person bestows a high spiritual value.

Chow is a word that is both singular or plural for food and is also a verb as in “chow down”.

Sacred Chow is food that we consciously hand make for aware eaters.   Sacred Chow recipes, ingredients, and preparation are all chosen with highest intentions.  We believe that food should be plant based, organic and natural, as well as delicious.  We minimize the use oil in our cooking.

Eating should be enjoyable consumption of what is healthy.  A meal should be satiating, tasty and unhurried.

We prepare food and eat with an awareness that each of us has one body for our entire life that we want nourished , but their is more to diet than “body maintenance”.  Not least of it is how our eating effects the planet. There is only one of those, Earth.