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The Story of Meatless Monday

A healthy you on a healthy planet.

The media assignment was to reduce disease by having people eat 17% less meat.  Instead of encouraging people to cut down on meat in the daily diet, the solution was to get people to not eat meat for one day a week,  hence Meatless Monday.  Cutting down on meat has numerous health benefits for the individual and, as the general public is  becoming ever more aware, does much to reduce the bad effects on the planet.

In this TEDx talk Peggy Neu, President of The Monday Campaigns, tells how this…..  “public health initiative that encourages organizations and individuals to use Monday as the day to start and sustain healthy behaviors. Meatless Monday, the first campaign launched in 2003 with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Schools of Public Health, has become a global movement through viral dissemination by committed advocates and the participation of key influencers and organizations like Oprah, Mario Batali, Sodexo and a growing number of schools, companies, restaurants and whole communities. ” (from the youtube description)

Here is the answer to “What is Meatless Monday.

A short and very informative video explains what meatless Monday is and why it good for the person and the planet.

Daily Specials on Vegan Menu

Vegan, Kosher, restaurant caterer NY daily specials
Cliff gets vegetables that are in season an uses them in creative dishes that are added to the menu.

Seasonal Vegetables Are Opportunities

In the fall pumpkins, Brussels sprouts, and squashes are ripe and available.   Sacred Chow chef-owner Cliff Preefer uses them in creative recipes that are added to the menu.  He enjoys the opportunities to connect to the season through the foods he finds in the market and gets to be creative with for the people who will eat them.  In mid October he used pumpkins in Danishes and a Latte.

Vegan, Kosher, restaurant Caterer NY Pumpkin Danishes
House-Made: Maple Glazed Pumpkin Cheesecake Danishes.
To make Danishes, we knead dough till it is firm & supple, then it is placed in a proof box and left to rise for 2 hours. During this period, the flavor & texture of the dough develops fully, into a yeasty, light pastry. The dough is then punched down & given another proofing, briefly for 20 minutes, and then it is rolled out into a large thin symmetrical square. The pumpkin cheesecake cream, by this time, has already been prepared. We use Japanese pumpkins as its texture is dense & creamy. The cream is spread over the thin dough, then gently rolled into a log, with its ends pinched
closed, cut into individual pastries, proofed one last time, baked & glazed.
Vegan Kosher Restaurant NY -Pumpkin Latte
Harry Potter Inspired this Pumpkin Wine Latte. This amazing, warming brew is a mixture of pumpkin juice, brandy, white wine, spice blend, vanilla, & maple syrup. Frothing the heady swill creates a silky latte-like libation. The idea came to me while reading Harry Potter with my son. In “The Goblet of Fire,” Mad Eye Moody takes a drink from his flask, and Seamus asks Harry: “What do you suppose he’s got in there?” And Harry says, “I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s pumpkin juice.” Enjoy a swig of Sacred Chow’s, Pumpkin Wine Latte – And cheers to Hogwarts: It’s pumpkin juice!!!

NYU Community is Buzzing

Welcome NYU Students and Staff

Ask about the NYU students and faculty discount.

Vegan kosher vegetarian restaurant near NYU
Ask your server about about NYU discounts.

The streets around the NYU campus near Washington Square are buzzing with new students coming, returning students and staff.  This means it is almost the end of summer and the beginning of a school year.

Good luck to all the students in their studies and everyone who will be learning (that is everyone).  It is exciting to think of all the things that will be created, discovered, and invented, in the next months.  (If you have something you are doing that you want to tell the world about, tell us about it and you may be profiled by Sacred Chow.  Use our contact page. )

When it is time for nourishment come to Sacred Chow at 227 Sullivan Street (just off West 3rd).  

Call us at 212-337-0863 if you want your Sacred Chow prepared for you to pick-up or have delivered to your home or workplace.

We suggest that people who have a refrigerator  ‘stock up’ on Sacred Chow vegan proteins that they can put into a sandwich or have in a salad.  We make vegan proteins delicious and easy.

When you are planning your meals for the day or week and are thinking about healthy protein think about Sacred Chow.  Sacred Chow tempeh, (not) meat balls, seitan, and nama gori tofu, are proteins that can be added to salads, rice, pasta, sandwiches, etc.

Our telephone number is 212-337-0863