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Sacred Chow vegan kosher vegetarian restaurant in New York.
Delicious vegan since 1995.
Vegan protein and meals.

We want to have a connection with you and to bring you into our community.

Tell us about your experience with Sacred Chow  food or the restaurant.  We want to know how you liked it and if you want us to change anything.  The quality of or food is always most important.

Food and Community

Food has always brought people together.   In the earliest times people gathered around a fire, today the fire around which we eat is, in a sense, the place we get our food.

We invite you to tell us about yourself and what you want to share with the local community and the world.  We may help you spread the word (and who knows where that can lead).

If you have eaten some of our food, which did you like most?

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Zagat Rated Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Kosher Restaurant in New York —-100% Plant based food.