The Story of Meatless Monday

A healthy you on a healthy planet.

The media assignment was to reduce disease by having people eat 17% less meat.  Instead of encouraging people to cut down on meat in the daily diet, the solution was to get people to not eat meat for one day a week,  hence Meatless Monday.  Cutting down on meat has numerous health benefits for the individual and, as the general public is  becoming ever more aware, does much to reduce the bad effects on the planet.

In this TEDx talk Peggy Neu, President of The Monday Campaigns, tells how this…..  “public health initiative that encourages organizations and individuals to use Monday as the day to start and sustain healthy behaviors. Meatless Monday, the first campaign launched in 2003 with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Schools of Public Health, has become a global movement through viral dissemination by committed advocates and the participation of key influencers and organizations like Oprah, Mario Batali, Sodexo and a growing number of schools, companies, restaurants and whole communities. ” (from the youtube description)

Here is the answer to “What is Meatless Monday.

A short and very informative video explains what meatless Monday is and why it good for the person and the planet.