vegan kosher vegetarian restaurant NYC discounts

Fall Discounts

Fall is the time for harvesting discounts.

Vegan Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant Discounts 


In the fall the air is crisp, you’re into your work, there’s football and baseball to root for, and the air sizzles  with anticipation of the Holidays, especially the big one, Halloween.

All this crisp air, work, excitement, and anticipation can make you hungry and thirsty.  Luckily, you can go to Sacred Chow (or order delivery) and save 15% if you are a student or save 20% on orders over $40.  

(Those saving will be much appreciate when doing gift shopping.

If your check comes to $25 and you’re a student you will save $3.75. If your check is $40 your 20% discount means you save $8.

That moolah adds up!!!)

 Sacred Chow will nourish you.

Sacred Chow is a vegan kosher restaurant and caterer that’s been in business in Greenwich Village, New York since 1995.  Our food is 100% plant based and hand crafted in our kitchen.   It is organic and natural.  Healthy for you and for the planet.  No animals are harmed. (That’s important.)

Delicious Cuisine with Wine and Beer

Sacred Chow invites people to sit down in solitude or in company and enjoy healthy vegan, kosher dishes from the recipes of Chef-owner Cliff Preefer.

The restaurant is an intimate size space for casual dining.  Patrons can have wine and beer with their selection from a menu of tapas, paninis, soups, and special dishes.

Brunch, Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner, Café

Sacred Chow opens every day at 11AM.  On Saturdays and Sundays there is a special Brunch menu.  All other days begin with the café and lunch.

Late afternoon and early evening is the traditional Happy Hour.  We serve wine, beer, tea and coffee. These go well with a tapa.

Dinner hours the light is dimmer and the music softer.  The food seems even more delicious.


The restaurant closes at 10PM Monday – Thursday.  11PM Friday and Saturday, and at 9PM Sunday.