Vegan Vegetarian Delivery or Pick-up in Greenwich Village, NY

Vegan, Kosher Delivery in New York

zips 10012, 10014, 10003


Whether you are hungry now or are planning your meals for later, you can have Sacred Chow vegan protein food delivered to your home or office or scheduled to be ready for you to pick-up (at 227 Sullivan St.)

Many of our paninis and  other dishes are delicious warm or at room temperature.   They may be foods you keep in your fridge or have with you for a healthy and filling bite whenever you want.

To order call now:  212-337-0863

Sacred Chow Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant Delivery Greenwich Village NY 212-337-0863

We deliver between 14th Street and Canal Street and between West Street and Avenue A.

We deliver to the NYU, Greenwich Village, SOHO, and East Village area. Zips 10012 and much of 10014, and 10003. The boundary for free delivery is West: West Street, North: 14th St, East: Avenue A, South: Canal St)



Daily Bread & Soup 10. Half Bowl Soup (no bread): 5.

Daily Soups

Vegetable & Bean

French baguette, rye, w.w. tortilla, b.r. tortilla/gf, corn tacos/gf, or soy-buttermilk biscuit.


Kale Caesar  16 – Raw kale, veg noodles, & pine nuts tossed in a house Caesar, & topped w/ lemony baby marigolds. Choice of plant protein.

Greek Salad 16 – Mixed baby greens, red onions, tomatoes, cukes, poblano peppers, black olives, & sunflower feta crumble tossed in a balsamic-tamarind vinaigrette. Topped w/ tart baby dianthus.

Sorrel Side Salad 8 – Lemony sorrel w/ baby greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, & avocado. choice of dressing.

Paninis & Burgers

Choose a French baguette, w.w. tortilla, Classic burger bun, rye bread, or brown rice tortilla/gf. Side of truffle fries (gf, ns, sf), or sorrel side salad (gf, ns, sf).

Grilled Nama Gori 16  With steamed collards, sliced avocado, & dill mayo. Served w/ 1/2 sour pickle, & house slaw.    Super delicious w/ Lentil Pate +2 Switch mayo w/ Sicilian. Amazing! Add parm +1.5

Tempeh Reuben 16 – Served on Jewish rye w/ sauerkraut, caramelized onions, Russian dressing, house slaw, & 1/2-sour pickle.

Mama’s Meatball Parm 16 – Pan-seared in a spicy Sicilian sauce, topped w/ melted parm, & fresh basil. Served w/ pepperoncini

Thai-Ginger BBQ Seitan 16 – Roasted in an OJ ginger-garlic molasses sauce. Topped w/steamed kale, & caramelized vidalias. Served w/ seasonal chutney.

Black Olive Seitan 16 – With steamed collards & Dijon sauce. Served w/ 1/2 sour pickle & house slaw. Great w/ Sunflower Lentil Pate. +2

Bubby Meyer’s “Chopped Liver” Pate w/Seitan Pastrami on Toasted Rye 16 -Jewish Deli-Style, w/ Sauerkraut, Browned Onions, & Tomatoes.Served w/ House Slaw & 1/2 Sour Pickles.

Masala Burger 16 – Made with chickpeas, roasted vidalia onions, poblano peppers, kale, & cilantro. Served w/ seasonal chutney. Add avocado. +1.5

Burger/Panini Special Ask your server.

Tapa Tower

3 for 25 | Individual Tapa 10

Three  Greens & Sorrel Steamed greens tossed w/ lemony sorrel. choice of dressing.

Dijon Marinated Raw Kale tossed w/ pine nuts, & topped w/slightly bitter baby sun daisies.

Grilled Nama Gori Marinated in a rich rosemary grill sauce, w/ steamed collards, & dill mayo dip. Served w/ soft corn tacos. Add sliced avocado +1.5

Mama’s Meatball Parm Served w/ a spicy Sicilian sauce, fresh herbs, & melted parm. Choice of rice or veg noodles.

Thai Ginger BBQ Seitan Roasted in an OJ garlic ginger molasses, w/seared greens, roasted onions, & a baby buttermilk biscuit.

Mexican Latkes Made w/ red potatoes, dill, pumpkin, jalapeno, cumin, limes, & onions. Served w/ a cooling cucumber sour cream.

Roasted Black Olive Seitan A DDDelicious chewy spicy bite, w/sauteed greens, & drizzled w/ Dijon. Served w/ a baby buttermilk biscuit.

Bubby Meyer’s “Chopped Liver” Pate Peppery French lentils, onions, & sunflower seeds morph into your bubby’s chopped liver. Served w/ caramelized onions, & crudite or tortilla chips

Truffle Fries Baby reds potatoes, garlic, & fresh herbs. Baked till fragrant & perfect. Finished w/ a drizzle of black truffle oil. Great w/ melted parm +1.5

Brooklyn (azuki-rice)Tempeh Pan-seared in Chow’s bang-up grill sauce; w/ greens, salsa verde, & corn tacos.

(Add a draft or bottled beer w/3 tapas: +3)

AKA: Snow tofu. Freeze tofu till rock solid, defrost, squeeze dry, marinate & grill. Voilà: Chewy, juicy tofu.


Big Kahuna 16 – Choice of any tapa, green, grain or noodle,  or sauce. (For quinoa: +2)

French Lentil Meatloaf 16 – This tasty whole food is served w/ freshherbed Sicilian sauce, steamed collards, brown basmati rice, & melted parm. Substitute  quinoa +2

Lemongrass-Red Curry 17 – Chewy garlic tofu, served over rice noodles, snow peas, red peppers & tossed in a lemongrass-red curry coconut cream sauce. Topped w/ scallions, cilantro, & Thai basil.

Bottomless Brunch

Served Daily, 11am-4pm

Sardinian Omelet 17  A soya crème omelet, folded closed w/ kalamata olives, sunflower feta, cucumber sour cream. Served w/ Dijon salad. Add sliced avocado +1.5 Perfect w/ parm +1.5

Burmese Scramble Bowl 16 – Crumbled Burmese “tofu,” pan-seared w/ baby red potatoes, & vidalia onions. Paired w/ steamed broccoli & raw veg noodles. Served w/ a side of salsa verde. Super perfect w/ parm +1.5

Belgian Waffle, or Pancakes 15 – Soft & pillowy, drenched w/ a strawberry compote, & whipped coconut cream. Blissfully delicious w/vanilla ice cream; +4 Velvety chocolaty truffle cream +2 ( Ask for almond milk)

Banana French Toast 16 – Two thick slices of banana cake submerged in a French toast dip, griddled till crispy crunchy. Topped w/ a blueberry compote. Coconut whipped cream +2 Scoop of vanilla ice cream +4

Soy Buttermilk Biscuit Po ‘Boy 16 – Delicate, crumbly biscuit halves, heaped w/ a fluff of scramble &/or grilled seitan medallions, steamed collards, & coconut white gravy. Served w/ Dijon salad or fries. Add in sliced avocado +1.5

Huevos Rancheros 16 – Soft Corn Tortillas, topped w/ pan seared scrambled tofu, salsa verde, daily bean, salsa fresca, cheese, & cilantro. Served with truffle fries. Great w/ tempeh-pumpkin hash+4

(Add a glass of sangria w/any entree: +5) Add on: Biscuit: 3; Baguette, B.R. tortilla: 2; Slice of rye, tortilla:1.50; 2 Tacos: 1

Add-ons 4

Nama Gori, Scramble, Olive Seitan, Meatballs, Rice,Tempeh, Paté, BBQ, Noodles, Quinoa, Steamed greens, Hash, Home Fries, Pound cake, Daily bean,

Dressings 2

Dijon, Caesar, Russian,  Dill-Mayo, Balsamic tamarind

EVOO w/ Vinegar, Lime or Lemon Juice


Chutney, Sour Cream, Salsa: Verdi; Fresca, Sicilian Sauce, Truffle &/or Whipped Cream, Maple Syrup, Grill Sauce

Condiments 1.5

Pickles, Sunflower Feta, Parm, Pepperoncini, Carrots & Cukes, Black Olives, Caramelized Onions, Tortilla Chips, Sliced Avocado


Fresh Pressed Juice 8 – Apple/ginger; Tomato/celery/cucumber; OJ/beet; Carrot/kale.

Custard Smoothies 8 – Very Berry; Charlie Brown; Gym Body; Espresso Wake Up

Vanilla Milk Shake w/ whipped cream 8 Make it a pomegranite shake: +1.5

Apple Beet Lemonade 8.50

Sparkling Pellegrino 3.5

For Cocktails, Wine & Beer See our drink menu.

For coffee & tea Ask your server


Mango Cheesecake 10  Lush, delicious, baked in a graham cracker cookie crumb crust. Served w/coconut whipped cream, & drizzled w/tanga-mango syrup.

Triple Chocolate Brownie 6 –  Rich, delicate, slightly crusty, soft melt in your mouth creamy, fudgy, chocolaty. Drizzled w/ chocolate truffle cream.

Ice Cream Sundae 10 – Triple Chocolate Brownie layered w/ icecream, truffle cream, & toasted peanuts.

Chocolate Truffle Cake 10 – Decadent & rich. Filled w/ a two berry jam. Topped w/ silky almond milk ganache.

Dessert Special w/ Chocolate Latte 10 – Served w/ coconut whipped cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream 4/scoop Try w/ a splash of milk for a palatepleasing ice crystal ice cream treat.

 Sacred Chow at home or work – call  212-337-0863




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