Vegan, Vegetarian, Kosher Restaurant and Delivery Menu

Sacred Chow Vegan Vegetarian Kosher Restaurant and Delivery Menu

Daily Bread & Soup 10. Half Bowl Soup (no bread): 5.

Daily Soups

Vegetable & Bean

French baguette, rye, w.w. tortilla, b.r. tortilla/gf, corn tacos/gf, or soy-buttermilk biscuit.


Kale Caesar  16 – Raw kale, veg noodles, & pine nuts tossed in a house Caesar, & topped w/ lemony baby marigolds. Choice of plant protein.

Greek Salad 16 – Mixed baby greens, red onions, tomatoes, cukes, poblano peppers, black olives, & sunflower feta crumble tossed in a balsamic-tamarind vinaigrette. Topped w/ tart baby dianthus.

Sorrel Side Salad 8 – Lemony sorrel w/ baby greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, & avocado. choice of dressing.

Paninis & Burgers

Choose a French baguette, w.w. tortilla, Classic burger bun, rye bread, or brown rice tortilla/gf. Side of truffle fries (gf, ns, sf), or sorrel side salad (gf, ns, sf).

Grilled Nama Gori 16  With steamed collards, sliced avocado, & dill mayo. Served w/ 1/2 sour pickle, & house slaw.    Super delicious w/ Lentil Pate +2 Switch mayo w/ Sicilian. Amazing! Add parm +1.5

Tempeh Reuben 16 – Served on Jewish rye w/ sauerkraut, caramelized onions, Russian dressing, house slaw, & 1/2-sour pickle.

Mama’s Meatball Parm 16 – Pan-seared in a spicy Sicilian sauce, topped w/ melted parm, & fresh basil. Served w/ pepperoncini

Thai-Ginger BBQ Seitan 16 – Roasted in an OJ ginger-garlic molasses sauce. Topped w/steamed kale, & caramelized vidalias. Served w/ seasonal chutney.

Black Olive Seitan 16 – With steamed collards & Dijon sauce. Served w/ 1/2 sour pickle & house slaw. Great w/ Sunflower Lentil Pate. +2

Bubby Meyer’s “Chopped Liver” Pate w/Seitan Pastrami on Toasted Rye 16 -Jewish Deli-Style, w/ Sauerkraut, Browned Onions, & Tomatoes.Served w/ House Slaw & 1/2 Sour Pickles.

Masala Burger 16 – Made with chickpeas, roasted vidalia onions, poblano peppers, kale, & cilantro. Served w/ seasonal chutney. Add avocado. +1.5

Burger/Panini Special Ask your server.

Tapa Tower

3 for 25 | Individual Tapa 10

Three  Greens & Sorrel Steamed greens tossed w/ lemony sorrel. choice of dressing.

Dijon Marinated Raw Kale tossed w/ pine nuts, & topped w/slightly bitter baby sun daisies.

Grilled Nama Gori Marinated in a rich rosemary grill sauce, w/ steamed collards, & dill mayo dip. Served w/ soft corn tacos. Add sliced avocado +1.5

Mama’s Meatball Parm Served w/ a spicy Sicilian sauce, fresh herbs, & melted parm. Choice of rice or veg noodles.

Thai Ginger BBQ Seitan Roasted in an OJ garlic ginger molasses, w/seared greens, roasted onions, & a baby buttermilk biscuit.

Mexican Latkes Made w/ red potatoes, dill, pumpkin, jalapeno, cumin, limes, & onions. Served w/ a cooling cucumber sour cream.

Roasted Black Olive Seitan A DDDelicious chewy spicy bite, w/sauteed greens, & drizzled w/ Dijon. Served w/ a baby buttermilk biscuit.

Bubby Meyer’s “Chopped Liver” Pate Peppery French lentils, onions, & sunflower seeds morph into your bubby’s chopped liver. Served w/ caramelized onions, & crudite or tortilla chips

Truffle Fries Baby reds potatoes, garlic, & fresh herbs. Baked till fragrant & perfect. Finished w/ a drizzle of black truffle oil. Great w/ melted parm +1.5

Brooklyn (azuki-rice)Tempeh Pan-seared in Chow’s bang-up grill sauce; w/ greens, salsa verde, & corn tacos.

(Add a draft or bottled beer w/3 tapas: +3)

AKA: Snow tofu. Freeze tofu till rock solid, defrost, squeeze dry, marinate & grill. Voilà: Chewy, juicy tofu.


Big Kahuna 16 – Choice of any tapa, green, grain or noodle,  or sauce. (For quinoa: +2)

French Lentil Meatloaf 16 – This tasty whole food is served w/ freshherbed Sicilian sauce, steamed collards, brown basmati rice, & melted parm. Substitute  quinoa +2

Lemongrass-Red Curry 17 – Chewy garlic tofu, served over rice noodles, snow peas, red peppers & tossed in a lemongrass-red curry coconut cream sauce. Topped w/ scallions, cilantro, & Thai basil.

Bottomless Brunch

Served Daily, 11am-4pm

Sardinian Omelet 17  A soya crème omelet, folded closed w/ kalamata olives, sunflower feta, cucumber sour cream. Served w/ Dijon salad. Add sliced avocado +1.5 Perfect w/ parm +1.5

Burmese Scramble Bowl 16 – Crumbled Burmese “tofu,” pan-seared w/ baby red potatoes, & vidalia onions. Paired w/ steamed broccoli & raw veg noodles. Served w/ a side of salsa verde. Super perfect w/ parm +1.5

Belgian Waffle, or Pancakes 15 – Soft & pillowy, drenched w/ a strawberry compote, & whipped coconut cream. Blissfully delicious w/vanilla ice cream; +4 Velvety chocolaty truffle cream +2 ( Ask for almond milk)

Banana French Toast 16 – Two thick slices of banana cake submerged in a French toast dip, griddled till crispy crunchy. Topped w/ a blueberry compote. Coconut whipped cream +2 Scoop of vanilla ice cream +4

Soy Buttermilk Biscuit Po ‘Boy 16 – Delicate, crumbly biscuit halves, heaped w/ a fluff of scramble &/or grilled seitan medallions, steamed collards, & coconut white gravy. Served w/ Dijon salad or fries. Add in sliced avocado +1.5

Huevos Rancheros 16 – Soft Corn Tortillas, topped w/ pan seared scrambled tofu, salsa verde, daily bean, salsa fresca, cheese, & cilantro. Served with truffle fries. Great w/ tempeh-pumpkin hash+4


(Add a glass of sangria w/any entree: +5) Add on: Biscuit: 3; Baguette, B.R. tortilla: 2; Slice of rye, tortilla:1.50; 2 Tacos: 1

Add-ons 4

Nama Gori, Scramble, Olive Seitan, Meatballs, Rice,Tempeh, Paté, BBQ, Noodles, Quinoa, Steamed greens, Hash, Home Fries, Pound cake, Daily bean,

Dressings 2

Dijon, Caesar, Russian,  Dill-Mayo, Balsamic tamarind

EVOO w/ Vinegar, Lime or Lemon Juice


Chutney, Sour Cream, Salsa: Verdi; Fresca, Sicilian Sauce, Truffle &/or Whipped Cream, Maple Syrup, Grill Sauce

Condiments 1.5

Pickles, Sunflower Feta, Parm, Pepperoncini, Carrots & Cukes, Black Olives, Caramelized Onions, Tortilla Chips, Sliced Avocado


Fresh Pressed Juice 8 – Apple/ginger; Tomato/celery/cucumber; OJ/beet; Carrot/kale.

Custard Smoothies 8 – Very Berry; Charlie Brown; Gym Body; Espresso Wake Up

Vanilla Milk Shake w/ whipped cream 8 Make it a pomegranite shake: +1.5

Apple Beet Lemonade 8.50

Sparkling Pellegrino 3.5

For Cocktails, Wine & Beer See our drink menu.

For coffee & tea Ask your server


Mango Cheesecake 10  Lush, delicious, baked in a graham cracker cookie crumb crust. Served w/coconut whipped cream, & drizzled w/tanga-mango syrup.

Triple Chocolate Brownie 6 –  Rich, delicate, slightly crusty, soft melt in your mouth creamy, fudgy, chocolaty. Drizzled w/ chocolate truffle cream.

Ice Cream Sundae 10 – Triple Chocolate Brownie layered w/ icecream, truffle cream, & toasted peanuts.

Chocolate Truffle Cake 10 – Decadent & rich. Filled w/ a two berry jam. Topped w/ silky almond milk ganache.

Dessert Special w/ Chocolate Latte 10 – Served w/ coconut whipped cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream 4/scoop Try w/ a splash of milk for a palatepleasing ice crystal ice cream treat.

Bottled Beer, Cocktails, & Hard Cider/gf*

Fat Tire Ale Amber Lager 6

Sweetwater Pale Ale 420 6

Rebel Grapefruit IPA 6

Red Sangria 8/glass 18/half pitcher 32/full pitcher  Fruity, delicious w/ fresh pressed apple, lemon & lime juice, red Burgundy, white Chablis, Ron Copa Rica rum wine, & sugar cane juice

Margarita  8/glass A perfect sweet & sour mouth treat; mixed w/ fresh lime juice, triple sec, & La Quiere tequila agave wine.

Mojito 8/glass Minty-limey deliciousness, with Ron Copa Rica rum wine. Topped off w/ Pelligrino sparkling water.

Mimosa 8/glass Orange; Apple-Beet; Red Grapefruit Ginger Liquor

1911 Original Hard Cider/6*

Local Tap Beer

Brooklyn East IPA 5/Pint 16/Pitcher

Captain Lawrence Clear Water Kolsch 5/Pint 16/ Pitcher.

Miller High Life, “The Champagne of Beers” 3/ Pint 10/Pitcher

Red Wine

Barkan Malbec, Galil, Northern Israel 8/33 Dark, inky color, robust with tannins, lush & smooth w/ plum like aromas. Lovely with po’ boy, scramble bowl, grilled foods & rich sauces. Kosher & mevushal. 13.5% alc./vol.

White Wine

Carmel Winery, Emerald Riesling-Chenin Blanc,Israel 8/33  Semi dry, fresh & fragrant w/ tropical fruity flavors, & a cool, clean finish. Pairs well with Asian dishes & spicy food. Kosher & mevushal. 11% alc./vol.

Bartenura Pinot Grigio, Lombardia Region, Italy 10/40 Dry, well balanced with a fruity flavor, & a pleasant, fresh finish. Excellent with a salads, & light tapas. Kosher & menushal. 12% alc./vol.

Baron Herzog Sauvignon Blanc, Central Coast California 10/40 Displays aromas of quince, peach, apple, lychee, & herbal notes. light & crisp finish. Pairs perfectly with soups, & paninis. Kosher & mevushal. 13.5% alc./vol..

Bartenura Prosecco, Veneto Region, Italy 11/45 A great bubbly. It’s slightly fruity, creamy and dry. Perfect with everything. Kosher & mevushal. 11.5% alc./vol.

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