Welcome to Sacred Chow

  • Vegan Kosher Restaurant and Caterer
  • Dine vegan with wine and beer.
  • Triple Tapas Platter
  • French Lentil Meatloaf
  • Panini wraps or sandwiches
  • Power bowl -vegan protein, vegetable and brown rice.
  • Apple, Beet, Lemonade Mimosa Cocktail
  • Brownie A La Mode

Vegan Vegetarian Kosher Restaurant and Caterer New York


Vegan Vegetarian Kosher Organic Restaurant in New York City

Sacred Chow, Zagat rated #1 vegan restaurant in NYC. It is 100% plant based, organic, hand- made and Kosher.


Sacred Chow is a vegan, vegetarian, Kosher restaurant and caterer in New York city..

Vegan Organic Restaurant New YorkWe are down the street from Washington Square Park and around the corner from NYU Law school and the NYU campus.

The Sacred Chow menu consists of delicious food that is prepared using local products as often as possible. The ingredients are selected for their freshness and quality with a goal of meals that are healthy for the planet and our patrons.

Vegan Organic Restaurant Paninis New YorkWe believe that there is a need for a place to enjoy meals that are in tune with our values of sustainability, ethics, and health. Sacred Chow is a vegan, vegetarian, Kosher restaurant in New York that aims to be such a place.

We welcome you.  Please call for a reservation or to have a delivery (free with a minimum $18 order)



Washington Square Park - Vegan Vegetarian Kosher Organic Restaurant.
Sacred Chow is just a short block from Washington Square Park.

The Sacred Chow is open for a vegan organic lunch.

#1 Zagat Rated Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Kosher Restaurant in New York —-100% Plant based food.