Sacred Chow
Sacred Chow

Sacred Chow Vegan, NYC

Greenwich Village, NYC

Food & Fun

I ❤️Tofu

Chewy, mouth-watering Nama Gori #Tofu, on a panini, with steamed collards, & tangy, lip-smacking dill mayo. Wedding bells ring! #glutenfree

In a nutshell

You would develop a romantic attachment to this soft, chewy, milky cashew-coconut 🥥 #veganmozzarella !  #glutenfree #soyfree

They used their fingers to mop up the syrup

And vacuum cleaned their 🍓#veganbelgiumwaffles in almost one bite. When they smiled, I noticed a few waffle crumbs caught between their teeth. I told them. They were happy that they had leftovers for their walk home. #glutenfree #soyfree


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Here for You

Go Vegan!

Being vegan, from food to feelings, doesn’t just happen when we decide to “Go vegan.” It’s much more than that. It’s the decision to find the way/s to stop hurting, hating, & judging ourselves & others, from body image to impatience. It’s deciding  to unhinge ourselves from self-limiting habits & old noise, no easy feat, but w/ gentle guidance, self-talk & constant action, day by day, moment by moment, change happens. Go Vegan - our fellow beings, our planet, & your well-being depends upon it!

Sacred Chow

227 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012



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This Vegan Home

Created for you, dear brothers & sisters, for your discerning vegan palate, for your health, & well-being, for our fellow beings, & our planet, this vegan home. 

Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles

Vast Vegan Treasures: Traditional Chinese Cooking

American Chinese food isn’t generally thought of as healthy - greasy &/or laden with high saturated fats & cholesterol from animal proteins is what usually comes to mind. However, in traditional Chinese cooking, from the Yangtze River to the Manchurian Northeast, Coastal Southeast, Central Highlands, & Arid Lands, health is a top objective with plant-based foods used as primary ingredients. Aged, pickled, & fermented plant foods, unique to China, are added to create bold flavors that tickle & tantalize the imagination & palate.

Discovering the symbiosis between vegan & traditional Chinese cooking feels like finding a long lost sibling, there’s a natural alignment, an age-old history that cannot be denied. This vegan sibling of finally home. Come say hello, & partake in this vast glorious treasure trove.